May 14, 2022


Sudbury Theatre Centre

Sudbury Theatre Centre, 170 Shaughnessy Street, Sudbury ON

WHAT REMAINS? by Samantha Buttery

May 14 @6PM – First Look Play
Sudbury Theatre Centre

The year is 1620, and best friends Otto and Bert undergo a caper that they never intended to commit. What Remains? is fraught with mayhem, superstition, comedy and curses – but is the true curse one of mysticism or of misfortune? A playful, delightful dark comedy by a promising young local playwright.

Samantha Buttery

Samantha is a local artist of many disciplines including film, poetry, screenwriting, and playwriting, to name a few. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Laurentian University, with a Specialization in Motion Picture Arts. While this is only her second play, What Remains? is Samantha’s first piece to have a public audience. As a longtime fan of William Shakespeare, Samantha has been interested in him since she was in elementary school. In highschool, Shakespeare’s material became mandatory to the curriculum, preparing her for University where she would take classes that were solely about the writer. A recent consensus among some people is to remove Shakespeare from school curriculum altogether. While she agrees that contemporary writers need to be read and studied, it is Samantha’s firm belief that the co-existence of classic and contemporary writers in a school curriculum is very doable. New ideas are built on old foundations, and they can indeed effectively stand together side by side. Samantha hopes that her piece, What Remains? will highlight this point effectively, while making people laugh in the process!

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