May 13, 2022


Sudbury Theatre Centre

Sudbury Theatre Centre, 170 Shaughnessy Street, Sudbury ON

MANIFESTO by Jesse Brady

May 13 @6PM – First Look Play
Sudbury Theatre Centre

Set against the backdrop of a city besieged by left and right protests, a young academic is unwilling thrust into a scheme by his ex and her criminal friends to start a revolution… if only they knew what they wanted to say. A comedic play wherein the past comes back to roost, a crime committed, a betrayal unveiled, a manifesto is written and forgotten, penguins and politics are discussed, and the consequences of consequences turn out to have consequences.

Jesse Brady

Jesse Brady was born and (mostly) raised in Sudbury, moved away for 14 years, and then moved back. Jesse has been a freelance writer and journalist for about a decade and worked in media relations in Ottawa until finding he way back to the north. He currently has several projects in various levels of completeness that he hopes to show you one day. Jesse is supported in his endeavors by his wife Colleen and his two awesome children Madeleine and Nicholas.

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