May 2:  8 PM MainStage (Opening with Artist Talkback and VIP pre-show BBQ for Festival Pass Holders)
May 3:  11 AM Student Matinee (LIMITED Availability.  Contact Nicole Smith for information)
May 4:  7 PM (Closing with Artist Talkback)

I can see clearly into the tent. It’s Illuminated. Warren cross-legged grasping a tent zipper. Me on my back hanging above my slept-in sleeping bag a 3 prong electrical cord wired to my eye socket. I can hear the crackle of electricity surging through every filament of my body. I hang in an arc, mid-air, burning.

Eric Rose STRUCK!

What would you do in that moment? The moment after? The moment-moment months, even years after? How does this change you? A riveting, startling, literally electric exploration of one man’s actual experience being struck by lightning and living to tell the tale.

Native son Eric Rose, returns to his childhood home 15 years after to explore in this fantastic solo show  the day he was literally struck by lightning while at camp with friends.  Happenstance, magic and what it means to grow up and come home again are all part of this dynamic exploration.  A proud graduate of Sudbury Secondary, Eric is the artistic director of nationally award-winning Ghost River Theatre.  We are very happy to welcome him home.

An honest and true Made In Sudbury tale.

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