May 1st: 5 PM BackSpace (Artist Talkback)

Kim Fahner’s Sparrows Over Slag speaks to how women grow up and into themselves over time. It’s also a play that deals with notions of how creativity and depression may sometimes dovetail, how love isn’t always simple, and how one life can be made up of many parts and prisms—so that the person you imagine you are might shapeshift before your very eyes. Poignant, but with comedic undertones, Sparrows Over Slag is Fahner’s first play.

Kim Fahner was the fourth poet laureate of the City of Greater Sudbury (2016-18), and also the first woman to be appointed to the role. Kim has published four volumes of poetry, including: You Must Imagine the Cold Here (Scrivener Press, 1997), braille on water (Penumbra Press, 2001), The Narcoleptic Madonna (Penumbra Press, 2012), and Some Other Sky (Black Moss Press, 2017). Her play, Sparrows Over Slag, had a staged reading (in collaboration with Pat the Dog Theatre Creation) at Wordstock, Sudbury’s Literary Festival, in November 2017. Kim’s first novel, The Donoghue Girl, is a piece of historical fiction set in the Northern Ontario mining town of Creighton. She is a member of the League of Canadian Poets, the Writers’ Union of Canada, and PEN Canada. She blogs at The Republic of Poetry at

Her website is

Banner photo by Kim Fahner

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